5 Garden Decorations to Jazz up Any Outdoor Space

5 Garden Decorations to Jazz up Any Outdoor Space

Gardens are lush green soulful spaces. For many of us they are a little bit of heaven, a place that relaxes us, soothes us, and lets us kick back and take a long deep breathe. They are also place where we can be ourselves. And, let our personality shine.

So, what are you waiting for? 'Tis the season for garden decorating. From the whimsical to colorful planters, and things that twinkle and shine, there are plenty of decorations and ideas to help you jazz up your garden space. Whether you have a vegetable, flower, container, or butterfly garden here’s five of our favorite outdoor decorations, and then some to give you inspiration. Most of all though, enjoy!

Fountains, water features, and birdbaths

Soothing water in a garden is a natural and so are fountains and water features. There are many different types of fountains. Tiered, disappearing, wall, and self-contained are a few of the most common varieties. And, perfect for the small to medium sized garden. Or, for a truly unique look add urns with water features in bold colors and sizes. Decorative river rock, cobblestones, flowers, unique plants, and additional landscaping surrounding fountains, water features, and birdbaths provide both ambience and another layer of captivating beauty.

Markers and decorative stakes

For the vegetable gardener decorative markers and signs are not only a plotting necessity they’re also super cute, too. Because garden stakes come in all sorts of sizes, varieties, and in many different types of materials like wood, metal, and ceramic, it’s easy to make any garden space your very own happy place. They’re also a great way to add color, whimsy, and character. And, they come in just about anything these days. Create your own unique style and fill in blank spaces with pink flamingos, tulips, butterflies, and teacups. Frogs, fairies, mushrooms, and pinwheels, too.

Garden Gnomes

Folklore says these popular lawn ornaments depict mythical creatures that would hid during the day and appear at night to help human gardens grow. Which is why we use them today. If you want your garden to have a healthy yield, a gnome is thought to bring good luck. They come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties while doing all sorts of activities. Add one to your garden and watch it grow.

Planters and decorative pots

To create interest to your garden use colorful pots and planters in varying sizes and materials. This is a great way to experiment with new plant varieties. Mixing different textured planters like terracotta, stone, ceramic, or mosaic also adds uniqueness and excitement. Remember, a drainage hole at the bottom of the planter is a necessity. Choosing the right container can be a challenge. For the best results follow these tips and guidelines.

Things that hang from trees

Add magic, beauty, and charm to your garden setting with wind chimes, paper and metal lanterns, garden flags, sun catchers, and bird feeders. There’s a myriad of great products out there. And, they look absolutely stunning when hung from a towering tree.

For all your garden décor wants and needs shop Breed & Company’s Garden Collection. Turn your garden into your personal paradise with fountains, flower pots and planters, wreaths, and much more. Or, if you're looking for utilitarian heavy duty garden supplies, check out the lawn and garden section of our Ace Hardware partners. Either way, we’ve got your green and black thumbs covered!

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