Get in the Spirit of the Season with Spooktastic Halloween Décor and So Much More

Get in the Spirit of the Season with Spooktastic Halloween Décor and So Much More

It’s time to get your Halloween on. This fun holiday for kids and kids-at-heart is fast approaching which means trick-or-treating, delicious treats, parties, and holiday decorating is on the horizon. Whether you are planning a Halloween costume bash, a small social get-together, or a kid’s party nailing down your Halloween décor doesn’t have to be a chore. From stylish and chic fall décor to just a little scary and eerie we guarantee our new collection of Halloween decorations and products will make your home boo-tiful. And help you entertain and decorate with ease.

For many of us holiday decorating and entertaining is a blast. And when it comes to Halloween, the fact is that it doesn’t get much better. It is the one holiday where setting the mood can take on so many different scenarios. Mixing and matching golden hues of yellows and oranges with black and brown overtones can go a long way when decorating a front entrance hallway, fireplace mantle, or a casual dinner table. To set your looks apart from the rest add a touch of metallic like copper or gold.  This year treat yourself to a few new festive pieces to add to your Halloween entertaining and decorating collection. Here’s a few of our very favorites.

Chic and Stylish

Set the stage and welcome your guests with these great pieces perfect for entertaining.

 Simmered Cider Copper Pot Candle – Glam it up with this gorgeous copper and gold statement candle. Accent a fireplace mantle or place on a front entrance table. Either way it will warm any room with notes of apples, crushed cardamom, clove, and hints of bourbon and malted rum. This time-honored rich and spicy scent is steeped in tradition. And is definitely a must-have for any holiday table. Single-wicked it’s available in two convenient sizes—small and tall.

Simmered Cider Petite Reed Diffuser – There’s something about the smell of apples that says fall—freshly baked apple pies, simmering cider, and cobblers to name a few. For a warm, intoxicating apple fragrance the Simmered Cider Petite Diffuser doesn’t disappoint. This modern home décor-inspired piece is elegant, flame-free, and comes in a rose-gold container.

Harvest Dobby Table Runner – The great thing about a gorgeous fall table runner is that you can set it out in October and it still works perfectly when Thanksgiving rolls around. From casual to elegant and layered in colors of orange, red, and beige the Harvest Dobby Runner’s plaid design is timeless. Mix and match your tableware for a custom one-of-a-kind look.

Spooky and a Little Scary

Create a super spooky atmosphere with our line of animated spiders, hanging witches, and things that go bump in the night. For traditional spooky Halloween décor check out the list below.

Animated Hanging Witch – Get your scary on with Sunstar’s Animated Hanging Witch. Whether you hang her outside in a tree or inside from your chandelier she fits right in. We have no doubt that this witchy figurine is conjuring up nothing but tricks, certainly not any treats, this Halloween.

Dancing Ghost Girl – With piercing red eyes, skeletal hands and sounds that shiver, the Dancing Ghost Girl will be the talk of your Halloween gathering. For maximum effect set her on a table or fireplace mantle with similar figures.

Flying Dragon – Your Game of Throne friends will think that’s there’s an actual afterlife when they see this animated Flying Dragon reigning supreme in your home. With eyes that light up and wings that move, the Flying Dragon is the classic statement piece for any fan of fantasy.

For all your Halloween party needs all you need is Breed. But don’t take our word for it. Visit our Halloween Shop and our four Austin area locations for a multitude of fall decorating items, themed party supplies, harvest table linens, fragrant candles, seasonal diffusers, tantalizing treats, spiced pumpkin products, and so much more. We agree fall is the best season of all!

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