How to Celebrate Spring Outside the U.S.

How to Celebrate Spring Outside the U.S.

We are slowly approaching spring in the U.S., and many of us can barely contain ourselves! Because for many it means better weather to get outdoors, whether it's gardening, hitting the trails, attending festivals, or taking a road trip. We have our traditions and celebrate spring in our own way every year, but did know you our friends around the world have celebrations of their own? Every country has their own set of traditions welcoming the spring season, be it a festival or get-together.

We can’t possibly list every country, but here are a few to give you an idea of the global meaning of spring:

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Who hasn’t heard of Japan's famous cherry blossoms? They are an internationally-known spring spectacle that take place from late March to early May. People keep an intense eye on the bloom forecasts, hoping to plan Hanami (the cherry blossom festival) at peak times. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, you can expect to see people hosting parties under the trees, a tradition that has existed for centuries.

Honoring Lost Loved Ones in China

The Chinese celebrate the Qingming Festival around April 5. People visit the graves and burial grounds of their ancestors, clean and sweep the tombs, and offer food and drink as honorary gestures. You can expect lots of family get-togethers with food, drink, singing, and dancing.

A Grand Floral Display in Australia

The Floriade, a grand floral festival is an annual celebration. It is a world-class floral spectacular with more than one million blooms on display, and a month-long festival filled with music, cultural celebrations, horticultural workshops, art & entertainment, and recreation. Spring doesn’t happen at the same time as it does in the U.S, however; the festival is actually celebrated in September and October.

An Innovative Fair in France

The Foir de Paris, or Paris Fair, takes place in April and May. Parisians and visitors alike can discover the latest innovations, unusual inventions, and trends in interior design. Dozens of exhibitors flood the enormous Porte de Versailles, which will take an entire day or two to visit every booth.

A Unique Light Show in Mexico

Travelers gather at the Kulkulkan temple at Chichen Itza to watch a special “light show” the equinox creates. The bi-annual occurrence bends the sun’s light to make it look like a snake slithering down the side. The event is filled with traditional food and performances by local bands and artists.

Cheese-rolling in Gloucester, England

Every year, during the second bank holiday weekend, the Gloucester cheese-rolling takes place on Cooper’s Hill. This is not your ordinary cheese-rolling event, and in fact, is not for the faint of heart. A wheel of cheese is thrown down the very steep hill, and competitors throw themselves down after it. The first one to cross the finish line wins. Of course, war wounds and battle scars are not uncommon as a result of taking part in this tradition. It’s a very unconventional way of celebrating spring, but is a 200-year-old tradition nonetheless.

A Festival of Soaking in Thailand

The annual Songkran festival takes place shortly after the spring equinox. Festivities involve going to a Buddhist monastery, visiting elders, and, of course, throwing water. The northern capital of Chiang has the biggest celebrations that last up to six days. Locals and tourists alike hit the streets with water guns and soak anyone in their path. Every person from children to the elderly celebrate Songkran.

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