Melamine—A Blast from the Past Making a Trendy Comeback

Melamine—A Blast from the Past Making a Trendy Comeback

Melamine dinnerware popular in the 40s and 50s has taken a big leap into the future and is all the rage when it comes to upscale entertaining. Known as the comeback kid of dinnerware, Melamine evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Back in its heyday melamine dinnerware and table accessories came in a limited number of styles and basic colors. Pink, beige, white, olive green, and maize to name a few. Patterns were limited. In other words it was pretty ho hum and primarily used outdoors. With its contemporary modern colors, sleek and chic textures, and versatile mix and match patterns melamine’s popularity is reaching new heights. And today, it feels at home both indoors as well as outdoors. Something old is so very new again.

Melamine—A Hundred Years in the Making

Believe it or not melamine has been around since the 1830s. Just not in the form of plates, cups, bowls, serving accessories, trays, and utensils. In 1834 a German scientist created the unique colorless compound in its raw form. Organic-based, melamine is composed of nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen. Not having a practical use for the compound it sat idle for almost a hundred years until the 1930s. At the time its decline in cost fueled manufacturers to brainstorm new ideas and everyday uses for the durable substance. A few more steps in the manufacturing process took it to the next level. Today, the process in its simplest form consists of heating, molding, and shaping the resin compound. Many desirable consumer products are made from melamine.

Whether it’s for Everyday, Outside Poolside or a Special Occasion—6 Reasons to Use Melamine

  • Melamine is durable and indestructible. It doesn’t break, chip, or shatter and is a great option for those with backyard swimming pools. Whether you are entertaining poolside or tableside you won’t run the risk of invisible broken glassware on decks and in swimming pools. Costing far less than traditional china and ceramic, melamine’s inexpensive price tag is also easy on the wallet. And it will last forever.
  • Unlike paper plates you can reuse melamine dinnerware over and over again. Environmentally it’s a great ecological option. Eating off of a melamine plate than a paper plate is much more appetizing.
  • BPA free, melamine is safe to use and meets NSF standards for food safety. Though dishwasher safe, it is not recommended for conventional ovens and microwaves.
  • Melamine is both heat and fire resistant.
  • Elegant, affordable, and so very practical use melamine to create a unique table setting for all your special occasions. Outdoor dinner parties, backyard barbecues, bridal showers, engagement parties or afternoon luncheons with the girls, it’s the perfect solution for all your entertaining needs. Super easy to clean up too.
  • Melamine’s vibrant colors, theme-inspired patterns, and unique trendy styles foster creativity. Options abound and so does a variety of shapes and sizes. To make it guest worthy mix and match them for a unique look all your own. To add a touch of elegance pair your dinner, salad, and dessert plates with melamine matching glassware. Tumblers, wine glasses, champagne flutes—the perfect complement for refreshing lemonades and ice teas, white and red blends, and brunch time mimosas.

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