Paper Sharks' Flour Sack Towels Are 100% Grandmother Approved

Paper Sharks' Flour Sack Towels Are 100% Grandmother Approved

Time-honored, 100 percent cotton, and lint free Paper Sharks flour sack dish towels have been making their mark in households all-across America. These whimsical-inspired, charming towels are manufactured from the finest cotton. Guaranteed to make your glassware streak-free they also dry quickly, are absorbent, and far superior to terry towels.

The Origin of Flour Sack Dish Towels

Though Paper Sharks has been manufacturing quality cotton towels from flour sacks for 10 years, the use of the material dates back to the 1800s. For the next 150 years the tightly-woven 50 to 100 pound sacks were used to package common everyday ingredients such as flour, cornmeal, and sugar.

For those of us that use the towels today, the tradition most likely started with our grandmothers. Historically, the birth of the flour sack dish towel began in 1929 during the Great Depression. It definitely changed history and how the sacks were used. They became more versatile. The cotton material became a valuable resource for depression-era housewives that repurposed them into clothing and household items including dish towels. As the novel idea of using the cotton sacks as dish towels spread, flour companies quickly cashed in on the growing trend. They started printing the towels in pretty patterns, florals, and with borders encouraging women to buy their products. Their popularity began to decline in the late 1950s because it was much cheaper to package flour in paper sacks.

Tradition and Gift Giving

For some, especially for our grandmothers, some things never change. Tradition reigns. Using a cotton dish towel in the kitchen for spot-free dishes is no exception. Today, Paper Sharks continues the tradition. The company is an industry mainstay in the manufacturing and distribution of quality flour sack towels. Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, Calif., their awesome designs are inspired by their beachy roots.

Paper Sharks towels are made from crisp cotton in carefree, colorful, and playful designs. They come in a plethora of different themes such as those for garden, bird, dog, and cat lovers. There are seasonal and holiday offerings too, which means they’re ideal for spring gift giving like bridal showers, weddings, an Easter hostess gift, or Mother’s Day. Celebrate friendship, birthdays, end-of-school teacher’s gifts, too. Add to a gift basket or combine three or more for the perfect Paper Sharks dish towel collection. Or, start your very own Paper Sharks tradition and collect them all!

Paper Sharks flour sack dish towels are available at all Breed & Co. Austin-area locations. View online or visit the location nearest you today.

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