Sertodo Copper: An Artisan Craft Rooted in Tradition

Sertodo Copper: An Artisan Craft Rooted in Tradition

The story behind Sertodo Copper will absolutely blow you away. Sertodo Copper is an international cooperative of master copper artisans, with workshops in Austin, Texas and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan Mexico, a village located high in the Sierra Madres Occidental of Southwestern Mexico. It is in this region in Mexico where the copper work tradition originated almost over 1000 years ago.

Copper Origins

Some theories connect its origins with the appearance of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, a harbinger of peace and culture. Copper religious items, such as bells, first appeared and spread with his cults throughout Mexico. Other theories compare the techniques for working the copper to those found in the South American continent and postulate the existence of intercontinental trade routes, countering conventional theories which dismiss the idea of intercontinental contact.

Regardless of the theories floating around, one thing if for certain, this region was technologically advanced, creative, and resourceful. In the 16th century, the Church placed lawyer then turned missionary Don Vasco de Quiroga in command of the region as an experiment to implement a utopia. Quiroga, through education, introduction of new technologies, spiritual devotion and organization, created viable, independent and interdependent communities. Each of these communities was assigned a trade or craft, such as potters, woodworkers, weavers, metal smiths, copper workers, and contributed to the larger community as a whole. Along with the hammer and anvil for working metal, the copper basins were introduced at this time to the region, and have been in continuous production ever since.

Service Like No Other

While Sertodo Copper has only been operating since 1997, the tradition they continue is hundreds of years old. They are local and owner-operated, which means quality and service like no other. Business is about creating and delivering the highest quality copper product to be used for a lifetime. 

Come See Sertodo Copper at Breed & Co

Join us for a special trunk show at the Westlake Breed & Co. on December 8 at 1pm. Sertodo Copper owner Jonathan Beall will be showcasing his products from kitchen and ayurveda collections to barware and flasks. 

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