The Pride Is In the Soil

The Pride Is In the Soil

For 1836 owner and producer Kerry Thornhill, building an olive orchard meant more than just starting another business. Kerry wanted to pay homage to her grandparents and do her part to support the Asherton, Texas community.

The First Orchard

After getting advice from other olive growers, Kerry purchased 100 acres in Dimmitt County, and in 2012 she installed her first orchard using a medium density planting. The olive varietals, Arbequina, Mission, Picual and Tosca, were chosen for the climate and for the flavor profile they create. Fast forward to many years later and the land not only supplies orchards, but it’s also home to amazing wildlife living and traveling throughout the property.

Going Commercial

The orchard’s first commercial production of extra virgin olive oil was harvested in 2016 and bottled as 1836: A TEXAS OLIVE COMPANY. One year later, 1836 made its debut on the shelves of Bering’s in Houston, and since then has grown to include a retail presence at gourmet shops throughout the Houston, Austin, and Central Texas areas.

Recently, 1836 signed a contract with Williams Sonoma to be the official Texas olive oil vendor to their Texas stores.

Giving Back

1836 believes in the Texas olive industry, and in supporting local agriculture and women farmers everywhere. Kerry specifically works for Texas olive growers and organizations to support and educate growers in Texas.

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