The management staff is responsible for the fiscal health of our organization.  They delegate, plan, and supervise the everyday activities in the store.  We are seeking individuals with positive energy and very strong leadership skills for these positions.

Garden Sales Associate

Knowledgeable and passionate best describe our Garden Sales Associates.  We are seeking candidates with retail sales experience and a fair knowledge base of plants and outdoor gardening.


Our Cashiers are the frontline and face of our stores.  They are at the beginning and end of every shopping experience.  We are looking for the friendly and outgoing individuals to fill this role.

Hardware Sales Associate

Hardware Sales Associates are the problem solvers of our stores.  They regularly assist customers with D.I.Y. projects and unique situations.  Ideal applicants should have some level of experience in a field related to Hardware or simply have a passion for home improvement projects. 

Housewares Sales Associate

Our Housewares Sales Associates have a great understanding of elegant home décor as well as everyday houseware needs.  Candidates with soft line retail experience are preferred but not required.

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