Tung Oil Finish/Sealer $66.50 BY Waterlox

Waterlox is the first choice for many wood floor specialists, furniture makers, antique restorers and craftsmen. It provides a rich, hand-rubbed patina. Enhancing the wood’s grain and bringing out its inherent beauty, it penetrates deep into the pores of the wood, forming a bond from within. The ancient Chinese used tung oil to waterproof ships. Today, Waterlox literally locks out water with the protective nature of resins and the penetrating sealing advantages of tung oil. 
Original Medium Sheen $66.50 SKU# W12
Original Satin $95.50 SKU# W22
Original High-Gloss $77.95 SKU# W15
Marine Gloss $95.50 SKU# W13
Available in gallon and quart cans. Please see stores for availability.

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